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It is the innovator who advances, and it is the innovator who wins. In the tide of national science and technology innovation, zeyu new material emerges at the historic moment. In the current environment where competition and development coexist, opportunities and challenges coexist, the company under the guidance of the values of pragmatic and realistic, enterprising, down-to-earth, unremitting pursuit, has made great progress, so that we and partners more confident to meet the future.

Business is domain - free, compatible and symbiotic. Zeyu new material in the whole biodegradable plastic environmental protection industry chain with colleagues from all walks of life to innovate industry, cooperation and win-win. People pick up high flame, in the realization of our social value at the same time to achieve our personal value, reduce white pollution, change the living environment.


About us

Taizhou Huangyan ze yu new material Technology Co., Ltd.

Taizhou huangyan zeyu new material technology co., LTD. (zeyu new material) is a high-tech enterprise based on the development, application and promotion of new materials. It was established in February 2018 and is headquartered in taizhou, zhejiang province. The company has research and development center, technology conversion center, marketing center and other institutions. At present, the company has been in two provinces in eight cities more than 10 blowing film enterprises to establish a strategic partnership; At the same time, the company has a wholly-owned subsidiary taizhou zeyu plastic products co., ltd. and a new material technology training service center. In August 2018, the company was selected into the "500 elite" talent entrepreneurship project in taizhou. The biodegradable plastic products have been exported to Italy and other eu countries.


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